Digam Village Project

This rural Nepal community in Digam Village in Nuwakot District needs help in rebuilding after the 2015 earthquake. We will build a community center where we will coordinate courses on life skills, primary education and adult literacy classes. There will be a processing center for agriculture, seeds and economic development with focus is on women’s empowerment. The local community has agreed to help build this community center and maintain it, they have skills in carpentry and masonry and we will build with the local, natural resources of their clay rich soil. We will provide programming support and life skill building activities for them to become self sustaining. The project partners have built community centers in Nepal and will be available as construction project managers to call upon for support and guidance. Everything will be done in collaboration where we can access best practices from local organizations in Nepal.

Village Community Support

We work closely with the villagers to identify specific village needs, and strive to source or offer the needed resources and support.

  • Agriculture training
  • Education initiatives
  • Creating value added products
  • Natural disaster resilience